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so far this summer…


Wednesday was Rayce’s last day of school.

Therefore, summer began, for us, on Thursday.


Reni’s graduation from UPK.

I teared up.

Because I’m a dork like that.

And because I was thinking about all the things Acen never got to experience.

Like his first day of kindergarten, losing his first tooth…


While I was there, I filled out paperwork for Liliya for Head Start.

We had fun. I can’t quite figure out the layout and formatting stuff on this new blog, in case you were wondering!

Friday I had a quick photoshoot with an adorrrrable little guy named Jahari.

Is he a doll or is he a DOLL?!?!

The kids have been swimming several times.

Saturday, Mema Patti took them strawberry picking and to a baseball game. (sorry, I wasn’t there, so I have no pics!)

Today, we went out to celebrate my stepsister’s 18th birthday and graduation.

I’m proud of her for making it through school, she’s had a hard time with it the last couple years, but she made it!!

Happy Birthday and Congrats, Sisser!!

So, it’s been a busy summer so far.

Ya know, for the 4 days since school ended.

Tonight, it’s almost 10pm, all five kids are still awake and goofing around in bed while they’re supposed to be going to sleep.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day, and I’m thinking we’ll be pulling out the sprinklers and slip-n-slide!

Yay for summer!!