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School is going much better for Liliya the past few days 🙂

Today, she walked onto the bus, to her seat, all by herself, and then waved to me from the window. Not a single tear.

HUGE progress.

She now says she likes school, she has fun there, and she would rather go to school than be home with me all day.


We have open house for the big kids tonight. Which reminds me, I need to charge my camera! And empty my SD card.

Rayce, Serenity, and Charlize are all loving school. We have had no issues with anyone not wanting to go.

Holden’s mom said he is doing great, his teacher says he is very good at remembering things.

I do have to say that overseeing homework for 3 kids is a lot more work, as is keeping which papers belong to who. Luckily, they don’t have a lot of homework at this point, usually just reading for the girls and a worksheet for Rayce.

I supposed I should probably post pics from the first day of school, seeing as it’s been almost 2 weeks :-/

Hopefully I will have open house pictures to post within the next week or so 🙂



I am exhausted.

Haven’t been sleeping well.

Rayce is puking.

Reni’s surgery went well. She had tubes put in her ears, her adnoids taken out, and her sinus tissue reduced. The poor girl has a stitch through her nose that looks like a bull ring, to hold the packing in place. She was terribly irritated when she woke up from anesthesia, kept squinting to watch TV with one eye, then rolling over and passing out, then waking up crying hysterically because her nose hurt. I felt so bad, it was breaking my heart. Luckily within a couple hours she was acting much more like herself, although still very drowsy. Within a few days she should be feeling much better.

There is so much I should be doing right now, but I just want a nap, really. Unfortunately, the kids will make sure that can’t happen.

I have laundry to do. Bedrooms to clean up. Floors to sweep and mop or vacuum.

But, luckily, (or unluckily), the mess will still be there tomorrow.

So I might try to doze off on the couch while the kids watch a movie.

so far this summer…


Wednesday was Rayce’s last day of school.

Therefore, summer began, for us, on Thursday.


Reni’s graduation from UPK.

I teared up.

Because I’m a dork like that.

And because I was thinking about all the things Acen never got to experience.

Like his first day of kindergarten, losing his first tooth…


While I was there, I filled out paperwork for Liliya for Head Start.

We had fun. I can’t quite figure out the layout and formatting stuff on this new blog, in case you were wondering!

Friday I had a quick photoshoot with an adorrrrable little guy named Jahari.

Is he a doll or is he a DOLL?!?!

The kids have been swimming several times.

Saturday, Mema Patti took them strawberry picking and to a baseball game. (sorry, I wasn’t there, so I have no pics!)

Today, we went out to celebrate my stepsister’s 18th birthday and graduation.

I’m proud of her for making it through school, she’s had a hard time with it the last couple years, but she made it!!

Happy Birthday and Congrats, Sisser!!

So, it’s been a busy summer so far.

Ya know, for the 4 days since school ended.

Tonight, it’s almost 10pm, all five kids are still awake and goofing around in bed while they’re supposed to be going to sleep.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day, and I’m thinking we’ll be pulling out the sprinklers and slip-n-slide!

Yay for summer!!

going offline agrees with me


I have barely been online in the last 4-5 days.

And I like it!

I’ve popped on quickly a couple times just to check my email and facebook feed and upload pictures.

I plan to keep it like this as much as possible over the rest of the summer.

Mostly offline.

Makes it easier to get things done and gives me tons more time to spend with the fam-damily.

On to other news…

Reni’s dance recital on Saturday was great. She had a hard time remembering some of her moves and so she watched her teacher almost the entire time, but it was stinking adorable anyway!

Charlize’s birthday party on Saturday evening was a success. It ended up being family only, and even half of our family couldn’t make it, but the kids had a blast, Charlize loved her gifts and new clothes, and the ice cream cake was amazingly good even though it half melted all over the table.

Yesterday, we spent half of the day at Cole Park on a picnic. The kids swam and played in the sand, Drew’s family helped a ton with the kids so he and I could relax a bit, and a good time was had by all.

My polymorphous light eruption rash isn’t as bad this time around, although it does seem more itchy. Less blistery, though. I’m considering a tanning bed over the winter to make next spring easier. I’ve read that using a tanning bed for just a few minutes a couple times a week, with sunscreen, can prevent the reaction in the spring. It’s kind of like graduated exposure. With continued low doses of UV exposure, the skin reacts less and less, similar to the way allergy shots work. It’s something to think about, anyway.

Rayce lost his second tooth yesterday, on Father’s Day. He lost his first tooth on Anthony’s birthday 🙂

That’s all for now, folks… pictures will be added to this post when I feel like adding them 🙂

17 June, 2011 11:53


I love me some Serenity!
*~Bonnie Lea~*

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