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Operation Overhaul, day 2


Day two was less productive as far as cleaning, but more productive in other ways.

I got four or five loads of laundry washed, three put away.

Did a little picking up.

Taught Rayce how to wash the dishes, which he did with incredible enthusiasm, and asked afterward if he could please do the dinner dishes. Please, child, have at it!

We did quite a bit today, educationally.

Rayce and Charlize each worked in their summer bridge workbooks. Liliya scribbled in hers.

Charlize and Liliya worked on alphabet and number flash cards, Rayce worked on addition and subtraction flash cards.

Rayce helped the girls with an alphabet matching puzzle.

The girls, Charlize especially, are doing REALLY well on letter recognition and sounds. Charlize finally has the hang of most lower case letters, too! She gets confused on n,m,w,v,p,q,b,d, but those are kind of tricky and look an awful lot alike.

Charlize needs to work on letter formation.

Liliya needs to work on tracing.

Rayce needs to work mostly on reading comprehension.

This afternoon, Rayce read for about 45 minutes while the girls took a bath and cleaned up their room.

We headed over to Drew’s house, ran a few errands, and had a yummy dinner.

Overall, great day 🙂

Hoping I manage to get some good sleep last night, quality and quantity was lacking as far as sleep went last night!