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School is going much better for Liliya the past few days 🙂

Today, she walked onto the bus, to her seat, all by herself, and then waved to me from the window. Not a single tear.

HUGE progress.

She now says she likes school, she has fun there, and she would rather go to school than be home with me all day.


We have open house for the big kids tonight. Which reminds me, I need to charge my camera! And empty my SD card.

Rayce, Serenity, and Charlize are all loving school. We have had no issues with anyone not wanting to go.

Holden’s mom said he is doing great, his teacher says he is very good at remembering things.

I do have to say that overseeing homework for 3 kids is a lot more work, as is keeping which papers belong to who. Luckily, they don’t have a lot of homework at this point, usually just reading for the girls and a worksheet for Rayce.

I supposed I should probably post pics from the first day of school, seeing as it’s been almost 2 weeks :-/

Hopefully I will have open house pictures to post within the next week or so 🙂


so far this summer…


Wednesday was Rayce’s last day of school.

Therefore, summer began, for us, on Thursday.


Reni’s graduation from UPK.

I teared up.

Because I’m a dork like that.

And because I was thinking about all the things Acen never got to experience.

Like his first day of kindergarten, losing his first tooth…


While I was there, I filled out paperwork for Liliya for Head Start.

We had fun. I can’t quite figure out the layout and formatting stuff on this new blog, in case you were wondering!

Friday I had a quick photoshoot with an adorrrrable little guy named Jahari.

Is he a doll or is he a DOLL?!?!

The kids have been swimming several times.

Saturday, Mema Patti took them strawberry picking and to a baseball game. (sorry, I wasn’t there, so I have no pics!)

Today, we went out to celebrate my stepsister’s 18th birthday and graduation.

I’m proud of her for making it through school, she’s had a hard time with it the last couple years, but she made it!!

Happy Birthday and Congrats, Sisser!!

So, it’s been a busy summer so far.

Ya know, for the 4 days since school ended.

Tonight, it’s almost 10pm, all five kids are still awake and goofing around in bed while they’re supposed to be going to sleep.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day, and I’m thinking we’ll be pulling out the sprinklers and slip-n-slide!

Yay for summer!!

Charlize’s 5th birthday


Happy birthday baby girl. I can’t believe it’s been five years. You know, the first time I was alone with you, a few hours after you were born, the very first thing I did was undress you to make sure you really were a girl! And you certainly were, and still are, alllll girl. My diva princess, full of sugar and lots of spice, a little bit of sassy and a whole lot of nice. Mama loves you, more than you will ever know ♥

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away...

Happy fifth birthday, Talia Charlize, my sweet baby girl :’o)

>random ramblings



I just tagged Anthony in a ton of pictures on facebook.
All the pictures of the kids from the last 8 months or so.
I plan to get to the rest at some point.
I want the page to be a fitting tribute.
I want anyone who knew him to be able to see the kids grow up.
I also found a few of his cousins on facebook, which is awesome.
I haven’t seen them since the funeral.
Wayyyy too long.
I’ve been trying to take pics of the kids more regularly.
Today, for instance.
The girls and I were out front just hanging out.
They were riding bikes and coloring with sidewalk chalk.
And I pulled the camera out and snapped a few quick pictures.
I spent way more time editing them than I did taking them.
But, I looooooove taking pictures and I loooooooooooove editing them, anyway.
I need to make sure I pull the camera out at least once a week for some informal shots of each of the kids.
It makes me happy inside :o)
Mom and I did a quick grocery shopping trip tonight.
Which turned out to be not so quick, of course.
And resulted in bedtime coming an hour late for the kiddos.
Which meant that I only got to see Drew for a teeny little while before he left for work.
Which stinks.
But tomorrow is our afternoon together, which helps.
We’re trying to have dinner together at least once during the week.
For now, it’s Wednesdays.
And any other day we can manage :o)
It’s getting easier to be all in the same place.
And harder to be in seperate places.
I can’t wait until we can move in together.
I know it will be quite a while still, that time is months away, at the very least, but I still can’t wait.
I love him, so much.
It feels good to be in love, to be happy, and to have so much hope for the future.
It’s been six months and our relationship feels better every day!
This is the way love is supposed to feel.
You’re supposed to fall more in love with the person all the time, not out of love a little at a time.
In other news…
it’s bedtime for Bonzo.
Past bedtime.
I’ve been so tired lately, and I’ve got a lot going on tomorrow.
Photoshoot, babysitting, laundry…
ya know, same old, same old.