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I am exhausted.

Haven’t been sleeping well.

Rayce is puking.

Reni’s surgery went well. She had tubes put in her ears, her adnoids taken out, and her sinus tissue reduced. The poor girl has a stitch through her nose that looks like a bull ring, to hold the packing in place. She was terribly irritated when she woke up from anesthesia, kept squinting to watch TV with one eye, then rolling over and passing out, then waking up crying hysterically because her nose hurt. I felt so bad, it was breaking my heart. Luckily within a couple hours she was acting much more like herself, although still very drowsy. Within a few days she should be feeling much better.

There is so much I should be doing right now, but I just want a nap, really. Unfortunately, the kids will make sure that can’t happen.

I have laundry to do. Bedrooms to clean up. Floors to sweep and mop or vacuum.

But, luckily, (or unluckily), the mess will still be there tomorrow.

So I might try to doze off on the couch while the kids watch a movie.




I have been feeling sooo very blahhh the last few days.

It’s that time of the month. Cramps. Among other things.

Haven’t been sleeping well.




Today we have a pre-screening appt for Liliya for headstart. Basically just more paperwork.

So I’ve been cleaning cleaning cleaning since I got up.

Just sitting down now to take a break.

Lower back is killing me.

Must get back to work.

Got kitchen and dining room swept and mopped, bathroom cleaned up and wiped down.

Must do living room and foyer.

And stairway and hallway.

And more laundry.

And bedrooms.

Must go grocery shopping this afternoon.

Must make time to clean up at Drew’s house, too.

Gave Samson a bath and a haircut yesterday afternoon, he’s looking and feeling much better.

Kids have been crazed for a couple days now.

Full of piss and vinegar and LOUDNESS.

It’s like they can sense when I don’t have it in me to do anything about it, so they take advantage of my blahhhness.

Some days I just feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.

Today is one of those days.


Operation Overhaul, day 2


Day two was less productive as far as cleaning, but more productive in other ways.

I got four or five loads of laundry washed, three put away.

Did a little picking up.

Taught Rayce how to wash the dishes, which he did with incredible enthusiasm, and asked afterward if he could please do the dinner dishes. Please, child, have at it!

We did quite a bit today, educationally.

Rayce and Charlize each worked in their summer bridge workbooks. Liliya scribbled in hers.

Charlize and Liliya worked on alphabet and number flash cards, Rayce worked on addition and subtraction flash cards.

Rayce helped the girls with an alphabet matching puzzle.

The girls, Charlize especially, are doing REALLY well on letter recognition and sounds. Charlize finally has the hang of most lower case letters, too! She gets confused on n,m,w,v,p,q,b,d, but those are kind of tricky and look an awful lot alike.

Charlize needs to work on letter formation.

Liliya needs to work on tracing.

Rayce needs to work mostly on reading comprehension.

This afternoon, Rayce read for about 45 minutes while the girls took a bath and cleaned up their room.

We headed over to Drew’s house, ran a few errands, and had a yummy dinner.

Overall, great day 🙂

Hoping I manage to get some good sleep last night, quality and quantity was lacking as far as sleep went last night!

Operation Overhaul, day 1


Today, we overhauled the kids rooms.

Got rid of one trash bag full of random not-played-with-anymore and broken stuff.

Straightened out dressers and closets.

Cleaned under beds.

Emptied toyboxes and put small toys where they belong.

Stripped beds in the boys room.

Took a nap.

Tomorrow’s plan involves LOADS of laundry.

Loads and loads and loads.

A quick pick up and sweep and mop of the downstairs.

And hopefully emptying the foyer toybox and relocating most of the toys back upstairs.

I’ve been feeling quite BLAHHHH all day.

Tired. Exhausted. Worn down.

Hoping a good night’s sleep helps me feel better tomorrow.

So far, feeling really good about all the stuff we’ve been getting done.

Less than a week into summer vacation and it’s going swimmingly!

chores n stuff


After breakfast

Rayce- clean off and wipe table

everyone get dressed

Mama- put in load of laundry

Rayce- workbooks, practice writing/journal, math facts

Charlize, Serenity, Holden, Dante, Liliya- practice writing names, letter recognition and writing, letter sounds, patterns, click-n-read, workbooks

Mama- switch laundry

After lunch

quiet time for 1 hour, Liliya nap, everyone else lay down with a book

finish laundry, everyone puts away own laundry before snack

After dinner- no anything until chores are done, no tv, games, playing

Rayce- clear off and wipe table

Liliya- put away all shoes

Charlize- pick up any dirty clothes

Serenity- put away any toys

Rayce- wash dishes except for pots and pans and sharp utensils

Serenity- feed and water pets

Charlize and Liliya- clean up bathroom after bathtime

Mama- sweep and mop if necessary

Drewy- take out trash. all trash and recyclables out to curb Monday nights.

Saturday- morning, immediately after breakfast and before any fun

kids each clean own room (everything should be in its place, where it belongs, not just tossed whereever is convenient, toys in proper bins, clothing tucked neatly into closed drawers, underneath bed and closet floor cleared…), bring own bedding down to be washed, remake own beds

Rayce- sweep hard floors, vacuum carpets

Charlize- wipe down bathrooms after Mama sprays everything… sink, edge of bathtub, toilet seat, floor around bottom of toilet

Liliya- take bathroom trash out to big trash can and put a new bag in

Serenity- take toys from extra toy boxes to bedrooms, put away

27 June, 2011 11:45


Operation yard cleanup is well underway. In the lead for entertainment value… Worms. Followed closely by stick toss and pine cone basketball. *~Bonnie Lea~*

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