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>egg hunt at MiMa’s



my sweetie and his precious girl
opening the eggs… candy & coins!
making silly putty! (trying to anyway!)
It’s Saturday night and it’s been a long weekend already.
Drew and Reni and Drew’s little brother Chance spent the night last night.
We were planning to work in the backyard last night but it was cold and rainy.
This morning I got all the kids ready and we went out to my dad and stepmom’s for an egg hunt, since last weekend was cold and rainy.
The kids had a blast.
MiMa had a project planned for them for after the egg hunting.
They tried to make silly putty.
Something didn’t quite turn out right, and their putty ended up more like rubber balls.
But they had fun anyway!
They got lots of candies and coins, and I got some cute pictures :o)
My stepmom and I didn’t have the best relationship while I was growing up.
But now, I feel like we have a great one.
And every time I see how much she truly loves my kids, I love her that much more.
It’s a great feeling :o)
Drew kept the kids for an hour and a half tonight while I helped Holden and Dante’s mom move.
I hope they can stay in this apartment for a while.
With all the moving they’ve done, they sure have gotten good at packing quickly, though!
I brought the boys witth me when we were done, picked up my kiddos, and we came home.
The kids ate too much candy, stayed up too late, but now they’re finally asleep.
Tomorrow, we’re headed to Syracuse to see Anthony’s family.
Grampa Tony, Nanna Betty, cousins Lanaya and Kyle, Auntie Lisa…
and we can’t wait!
Another long day ahead, better catch some ZzzzZZzZZZzzzZ’s while I can!