Photography hobbyist.

I absolutely adore taking photos.

And I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

I’m Bonnie, from Johnson City NY, Mama/stepMama to 5 amazing kiddos, and aspiring photographer. I absolutely adore taking pictures, capturing those fleeting moments in a real way so people can look back and enjoy them forever. I am not a ‘professional’ photographer, I’m a photography ‘hobbyist’, just a woman with a good camera, a decent eye, and a passion for preserving memories 🙂

I have a portable backdrop (black and white) and lighting set for indoor pictures, but I prefer to use natural light if at all possible.
~30 minute outdoor sessions with 10-12 pictures, offered for $25
~60 minute outdoor sessions with 15-20 pictures, offered for $40
~60 minute indoor sessions with minimum of 15 pictures offered for $60 (half hour is needed before photoshoot to set up backdrops and lighting)
~We can meet at a local park of your choice or your home for the session.
~If the session is outside of Binghamton, Johnson City, Endwell, Endicott, Vestal, or more than a 15 minute drive for myself, an extra $20 will be added to the fee for travel time and gas.
~This fee covers my time for the actual shoot, light photo editing, and childcare for my own kiddos during the shoot.
~This includes a CD burned with your images that you have unlimited rights to. You may print the pictures you want, in the sizes you want, to your own heart’s desire, without paying an expensive studio/session fee or a ridiculous price per sheet.
~Please allow 2-4 weeks for your CD to arrive… it can be a huge challenge for me to find the time for editing and even a bigger challenge to make it to the post office with several children in tow!
~To see examples of my work,  click “photography” under the tags section to the right. To see what’s possible with a simple half hour photoshoot, check out Cambri’s dance session here at , this was a quick, impromptu session that took us only about 15 minutes of shooting.
~Contact me at for further information 🙂

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