a long overdue update :)


Sometimes I forget about my blog. I share my random little updates and photos on facebook, which is nice because everyone can keep up with us, but when it comes down to it, my blog is the one place I want my entire life to be. I want it all in one easily accessible place, and this is that place. That being said, I really need to make more of an effort to keep it updated and current!

The kids are all doing wonderfully in school. We just had parent-teacher conferences a week and a half ago, and I heard either what I expected or better than I expected from all of the kids’ teachers.

Rayce is doing incredibly. He is such a smarty pants, his teacher says he can go anywhere he wants in life. He is above grade level in almost everything, the couple things he is just meeting grade level at are simply because of his mediocre effort. On a select few subjects, he puts forth the bare minimum needed to get by. He doesn’t like to elaborate much in his writing, which is what we’re trying to push him on. His reading level is very high and he is past the end of the year benchmark in math, already, after only 1/4 of the school year! I adore his teacher, she is fair but firm and she is helping him keep a lid on his chatting.

Reni is loving kindergarten and soaking it alllllll in. She’s above grade level in most things, she picks things up soooo quickly!! She knows lots of sight words and impresses me every afternoon with her reading skills. Her teacher loves her, always talks about how sweet and kind she is. She has been a little sad lately and we’ve been talking about possibly getting her in to see a counselor just to work through her feelings about all these changes in her life recently. She’s been through a lot for a 5 year old! She went from being practically a twin (her brother was just 10 months older) to being an only child with adults spoiling her to soften the blow of losing her brother, to being one of 4/6 kids who has to share her space, her daddy, her new Mama, and her life. 

Holden has made progress by leaps and bounds since the beginning of the school year! He went into kindergarten not knowing much at all, and now he can write and recognize most letters, is learning letter sounds, and can count to and recognize numbers to 20.  He has made sooo much progress with his behavior, too, and has gotten much better about sitting still and keeping quiet when he needs to. His teacher says he is a SPONGE! He’s always been a whiz, I knew he would pick up on things quickly! Holden’s mom invited me to his parent teacher conference, and I was so glad to get to be there as well. 

Charlize is doing exactly as I expected in kindergarten. She is just where they expect them to be at this point in the year. She’s beginning to recognize beginning sounds in words and is starting to recognize some sight words. Apparently she’s an angel in school and doesn’t have any behavioral issues in class, which is wonderful, but her behavior at home has been slipping a little bit. I’ve got to nip that in the bud immediately before it gets any worse. We adore her teacher, Rayce had her for kindergarten, and she says Charlize is a doll 🙂

Liliya has come out of her shell quite a bit since starting preschool. She is usually happy to go in the mornings, and she comes home chit chatting about what she did that day. She is farrr beyond where they expect almost 4 years old to be academically, she recognizes all of her letters and knows almost all (if not all!) of her letter sounds, and she can count up to 20 and recognize 1-9. She is a little behind socially/emotionally, and is still very shy at school, but she is taking lots of big steps in the right direction and that’s the only thing that matters to me!

Dante will start kindergarten next September and I’m going to make a conscious effort to start working with him on writing his name and recognizing letters and letter sounds when he’s here on the weekends.

It’s been hard, keeping up with multiple school-aged kids! Even though the girls usually just have a short book to read and Rayce takes care of most of his homework on his own, it’s hard just keeping track of 3-4 sets of papers, notes and book logs to sign, class info, etc etc etc. 

We’re gearing up for Christmas, scraping and scrounging and hoping we can manage to pull off a decent Christmas for the kiddos. It seems to get harder and harder every year, and I KNOW it’s not supposed to be about the gifts, but I love to be able to give things to my kids and it’s hard to know I can’t afford to do much at all. In previous years they’ve each gotten 10-15 gifts and this year it’s going to be more like 4, and they’re going to smaller and cheaper, too. It’s hard on me. I hope the kids don’t feel jipped. They are wonderful kids and they deserve the world, I wish I could give them more.


As for my photography, I haven’t been doing as much lately because the weather is just isn’t nice enough and it’s sooo much more difficult to take good photos inside!

I will get around to posting some recent pictures soon 🙂 Enough for now, I’ve got to head to bed, 630am comes much earlier than I’d like!


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